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The Ladah Foundation was formed on April 20, 1999 as a Trust granted by Michael S. Ladah and Khatoun (Hilda) Ladah.
The primary objective of the Ladah Foundation has been to provide charitable support and assistance in the form of scholarships to needy and deserving students.  The Ladah Foundation will also provide humanitarian assistance in the form of food and shelter to homeless and needy individuals and families, and medical assistance to individuals and families in need of assistance judged essential to their needs and the absence of which will be detrimental to their welfare.  The Ladah Foundation may also provide contributions in the form of monetary assistance and other support to charitable, non-profit institutions such as orphanages, homes for the handicapped and institutions assisting battered women or abused children.

bThe intended beneficiaries of the charity provided by the Ladah Foundation will be refugees of war, victims of civil strife, and victims of present and past state and/or other discrimination.  This includes individuals or families who are suffering the consequences of such victimization and meet the criteria for need described above.  The specific population which is the target of the charity provided by the Ladah Foundation may change from time to time, while the criteria for need of assistance will remain as specified in the Trust document and briefly described above.

The Ladah Foundation will announce the availability of its charitable assistance, and solicit applications from beneficiaries who can meet its criteria for need, among populations specifically targeted for assistance as intended by the Foundation.  Certain Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) operating in various areas will also be contacted and requested to advertise the charity of the Ladah Foundation through the NGOs' field offices.  Certain colleges and universities will also be contacted to assist in the identification of prospective scholarship award recipients.  The Ladah Foundation also plans to describe its mission, charities and its targeted beneficiary population through this web site.

The Grantors of the Trust, Michael S. Ladah and Hilda Ladah, have allocated an interim contribution with the intent to fund the organizing, planning and controlling of the activities of the Ladah Foundation and start the implementation of its objectives.   The purpose of the interim phase is to insure that the funds will be used by the Trustees to meet the objectives of the Foundation as they are now intended and will have been intended by the Grantors for years to come.

The activities of the Ladah Foundation will be conducted in the United States and will be managed by the Trustees.  However, beneficiaries of the charitable assistance may be located anywhere in the world.  The Ladah Foundation's bank accounts, securities and/or other investments will normally be held in and through United States financial institutions.  Foreign sub-accounts may be established from time to time, but only if necessary for the conduct of the Foundation's operations (distribution of its charities) outside the United States.

It is not intended nor foreseen that the Ladah Foundation will conduct any public campaign for the solicitation of funds from the public.   However, the Ladah Foundation accepts, and may solicit, donations from friends and family members who subscribe to the objectives of the Foundation.

Donations may be sent to:

                                  Ladah Foundation
                                  8807 Big Bluff Ave.
                                  Las Vegas, Nevada 89148-1419

The Foundation will acknowledge all donations by formal written receipts which the donors can use for their respective income tax deductions.

The Foundation has filed form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Internal Revenue Service has determined that the Ladah Foundation is exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (a) of the Internal Revenue Code as an organization described in section 501 (c) (3).  If you would like to see the letter of determination from the IRS, click here..  Additional information about the Foundation may be provided upon request.

The Ladah Foundation may be contacted by email at:

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