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Step 1-   Use a piece of clear plastic and cut the size a little bigger than the design you want to draw..

Step 2-  Draw the design on the plastic with a pen or permanent marker. See sample drawn on plastic in the picture below.  This picture is an outline of a border. 

draw1.jpg (34138 bytes)


Step 3-  Make small holes on the line with a pin on top of the design.  See sample picture below.  The red dots in the picture mark the location of the holes.  The pin holes do not show in the picture because they are very tiny.   The holes must be very small for a very good reason.  I will explain the reason in step five.

draw2.jpg (12836 bytes)


Step 4-  Place the plastic with the holes on the velvet to which you want to transfer the design.  Fasten with pins or anything that will hold the plastic to the velvet.

Step 5-  Use paint  (I use Ceramcoat by Delta - White Color) and brush with a small paint brush over the holes until the paint penetrates to the fabric and the design is transferred to the velvet. The holes  must be very small because we do not want too much paint to penetrate onto the fabric.  All we need is an outline of the design in order to keep the lines straight or curved while we are embroidering.  Remove the plastic from the velvet and let the paint dry on the velvet.  The result: You will have the velvet with white dots which act as a guide for your design.

Step 6- Draw the center of your design on a clear plastic like the design below and make small holes like in step 3 above. Place the plastic in the center of your velvet that you have the outline. Make sure the design is centered on your velvet. Continue with step 4 and 5.

draw6.jpg (30402 bytes)


After you are finished transfering your design you have the outline and the center design on your velvet as shown in the picture below.

draw5.jpg (19335 bytes)


Tip: You can draw the border and the center design on the same clear plastic and complete the transfer of the design all at one time.

Please visit this web site again.  I will have further demonstrations of how to draw different designs and borders. If you have any questions let me know by email and I will try to answer your questions, my email is on the first page of this web site.


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