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To  learn these different designs first draw the design on a piece of cloth and try to follow the steps outlined below.  These are more advanced embroidery designs.  All embroidery pieces are made of various combinations and variations of the designs shown below:


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1st step: Work a row of herringbone stich just the picture on the left.

2nd step: Work a second row. Make bars once over and once under alternately to the end.   Exactly like it is shown in the picture.

3rd step: Work the bottom row of interlacing.

4th step:  Work the top row of  interlacing.

<<=== The bottom row in the picture on the left is the finished product.

stiches4.gif (7972 bytes)



Draw the picture on a piece of cloth for practice.

Follow the instructions in the picture on the left.

The bottom row in the picture on the left is the finished product. I call this design star and cross becuase it looks like a star and cross.


stiches5.gif (12037 bytes)  

This picture is a combination of designs.   As you can see, in the first row the crosses are on the top side. In the second row, the crosses are alternated.  In the third row, the crosses are on both sides.  In the fourth row the crosses again are alternated.  Each row is a variation of the first row.

stiches6.gif (13002 bytes)  

Here, each row has its own design.  The basic stitch is the same as all the others.

stiches7.gif (9508 bytes)  

Each row in this picture is a different design. The first row shows how  to make a triangle.  The second row shows how to make an angle.  The third and forth rows show  how to make   different angles or corners.

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This picture shows three diferent shapes.   The first row shows how to make a square or a diamond.  The second  and third rows show how to make different shapes.

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